Touchpoint Business & Design Consultations

We believe there is an art to creating a sharp, impactful, and reputable business. With our Touchpoint Business & Design Consultations, we start by giving your business our full attention. We look at the whole picture; evaluating your foundation and operations while providing you with a 360 degree overview of your marketing, visual appeal, and your #1 asset: your people. Our goal is to ensure that the business entity is aligned with its vision and is making intentional choices that produce results. We create action through strategic planning, vision boards, training, and pin-pointed execution.

Written Consultation

  • Defining the Core Values / Vision / Mission
  • Evaluating Marketing, Visual Appeal, and Employee Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention

Strategic Planning

We develop a strategy that takes into account the results of the review. We want your company to embody your vision from all angles and it is our role to ensure that the message relayed to the public aligns with how you want your company to be represented and experienced. We map out a short-term and long-term plan proposal for all areas.

  • Design Consulting
  • Employee Development
  • Vision Board Creation


  • Interior/Exterior Staging & Design Direction, Graphic Design, Floor Layouts, Visual Merchandising Guides, Window Displays, Artwork Creation
  • Marketing & Event Planning
  • Employee Manual & Handbook Development
  • Employee & Leadership Development

Leadership Training

  • Management Training
  • Sales, Professionalism, & The Customer Experience
  • Understanding the "Why"
  • Creativity (Thinking Differently), Emotional Intelligence, & Servant Leadership

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