Organizational Leadership Development

Dedicated to professionals, our concentrated Organizational Leadership Development programs are designed with the specific organization's interests and needs in mind. A deeper emphasis is generally paid to Servant Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Role Defining, Goal Setting, and Team Building.

  • Pathfinding (Core Values/Purpose)
  • Self-Awareness & The Art of “Being”
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Foundational Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Next Step Planning, Goal-Setting, & Intentional Choices
  • Creativity & Lateral Thinking
  • Fearless by Design
  • Communication
  • Listening & Decision-Making
  • Loss, Change, & Transformation
  • Team Building
  • Sales Training & Professionalism
  • Personal Responsibility, Dependability, & Accountability
  • Continual Growth & Lifelong Learning
  • And More

Consulting Options

  • Individual One-on-One Sessions
  • Group Workshops of 8-12 individuals
  • Conferences

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