WHY We Do It

We are passionate about bringing out the potential in others.

We are inspired by possibility.

We have strong values, solid vision, and a true mission statement that speaks to our souls.

Core Values:

  • Creativity
  • Leadership (Purpose-Driven, Servant, Transformational)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Intentional Choices & Actions
  • Life Balance
  • Fostering potential
  • Authenticity


Ignite by Design is the zenith of dreams fueled by passions. We are innovative, progressive, and sought after for our unique approach to leadership and design. We are charged with looking at the world from the unusual vantage points, finding creative solutions, and achieving positive outcomes.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create “wholeness” or synergy. We will create alignment between businesses, groups, individuals, and their foundational elements. We will ignite passions, align vision with action, and move forward with intention to create positive transformations.

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Telephone. (406) 750-1864
Email. tiffany@ignitebydesign.com
Location. Great Falls, Helena, Bozeman
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